Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pause button

I think that lately I've really been craving a need to slow time way down. Anytime I'm behind the lens of a camera, it shifts my perspective. Having a macro lens shifts it even further. I hone in on light, on color, on shape, line.

Trying to stay present in today's urban world is an uphill battle. I am constantly trying to figure out where my pawn will move next so that I can get the queen out of her cave. Images become a way for me to stay focused on what's right in front of me, be it a human, an ant, a leaf, a monster truck. It really doesn't matter. People constantly want to know what kind of photographer I am. The kind that makes you feel, that makes you think, that moves your own axis a little. That's what kind.

So, take a walk. Try staying present. Notice the cracks in the pavement, and the world of creatures that live within them. Drink color, dance in contours, and find a way to come back to center. Carpe Diem.