Tuesday, August 25, 2009

guerrilla love, not gorilla love

recipe for fun:

guerrilla love, spiffy driver, eccentric photographer, san francisco, splendid friends, fog and sunshine.

= success.

They met on craigslist.com. I met Judy through a temp job, which turned permanent for me, (although a myriad of circumstance and insanity caused me to leave) and we got to be friends; the best thing that happened to me there. And I'll leave it at that. Over a million lunches together, and talks about our relationships, she ended up being my bridesmaid four years ago for my wedding. And now, exactly four years later, she and Brian are blazing new trails on the nuptial front, and she asked me to take some photos pre-wedding.

Brian is quite the grassroots industrialist, with a warehouse in Oakland full of projects, and an encyclopedia of knowledge of all things mechanical, engineered, electrical or otherwise. He and my husband play chess while Judy and I do retail therapy, or jump in pools at open houses together on 110-degree days.

Judy is a painter, a crafts guru, a seamstress, and downright one of the funniest people you'll ever meet. Brian is quite the wit, too. 'Round these parts, if you don't do funny...you just don't. I mean, don't bother entering the establishment. We only take funny 'round here.

I love Brian and Judy, and know that this wedding is going to be such a fabulous celebration of all things guerrilla, gorilla, eccentric, fiery, and otherwise. Cheers!

post script...if you ever feel like getting lots of attention in San Francisco, try dressing up as a bride and groom and promenade through lots of touristy areas like North Beach, the Embarcadero...you never know what you're going to get: drunks belligerently picking you up, people in wheelchairs humming that damned wedding song, and cars honking.