Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dan & Dit

I met Dan & Dit both a couple of years ago outside under the fresh air of Tilden Park. They have both enriched my life in many ways. They asked me to be the photographer for their wedding, and I really was honored to be the ambassador for their love. I was the one who was blessed to witness such a beautiful ceremony and capture their memories.

Dan is a wonderful cook, and very caring and giving. He loves the outdoors (as does Dit). He has a positive outlook on living life, and seems to take it by the reigns.

Dit (Dierdre--apparently, Dit was a nickname that her mother gave her as a young child, but I never got the story of how it came about...) also shares a passion for life. She has a deep sense of spirituality, and works as a gardener. Nature seems to be a common thread that has woven their lives and love together.

It seems only apropos that they planned a handfasting ceremony to commemorate their passion for each other.  This ritual comes from Scotland, known as the Lughnasa festival, where the couple "ties the knot." In their case, their wedding party helped them tie the knot. They really had so many details that were so thought-filled and lended to the beauty of their love for each other. Dit is incredibly creative and had made her veil and the "broom" that they jumped over, symbolic of leaping into new adventures together.

Dan & Dit have an incredible community of friends and family who truly demonstrated their support and love for them, in all the hard work, and delicious food that was provided through potluck and BBQ. I was truly amazed at how everyone really lended to the day, despite the tremendous heat. I think the strength of their love, and the love from their community is testament to a long life together. I wish them the best, and feel such deep gratitude for getting the opportunity to commemorate this amazing day. Cheers!