Thursday, March 31, 2011

And...I'm back!

After a year hiatus from word one...I decided (and had a little external pressure) to come back to the web to show what I've been up to.

I did get my name in print (the new phone book's here! the new phone book's here!) in the Oakland magazine, accompanied by a photo I took for class over a year ago. It's the first time I've been published so it's kind of exciting.

I almost got my act together for a show this Friday, however, due to technical difficulties, and limited time, I was not able to pull it off. The theme was recycling, and tying into how west Oakland has a lot of up and coming artists who utilize recyclable materials. Here are the images I would've put on walls in frames (and might still, just not this Friday):

I think the first principle about recycling is reducing, and then following that is reusing. I would say that ninety percent of what I own is from craigslist, garage sales or thrift stores. I buy very little new items if I can help it. I try to think of the cost-added value of stuff. All the hands that went into making it, all the petroleum and machinery for production and delivery, the hands that package it, and deliver it, sell it. It's overwhelming to think of even the path of a toothbrush that you buy, and how in the end it is contributing to the growing landfills. I even have a disposable toothbrush head!

I bring my camera with me to garage sales, as I find it is culturally interesting what people are ready to part with for a little pocket change. A lot of people are trying to actually pare down their belongings, and others are throwing out the old so that they can get the latest, baddest, newest gadget or thing-a-ma-bob. I usually shop for things that are practical, that I have an actual use for immediately. I am attracted to things that sparkle and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, however, I don't always need those, and thus, I am more inclined to just take photos. In fact, I'm ready to just take photos of most things I own that no longer serve an immediate purpose/need and then have my own garage sale, or even just donate to the thrift stores. Having recently moved, it reminds me of how much stuff I actually own, and what a pain in the ass it is to move it from one place to another, even if I just moved next door.

The rest of the stuff I own is recycled creative supplies, whether it's fabric, paper, coins, sequins, ribbons...I am crafty and like to create recycled art.

Here were the images that didn't make the cut: